About us


The label was created by Genesis Vegas; we are a contemporary brand that creates stylish, luxurious, high-quality swimwear. We pride ourselves in excellence, not only creating perfect swimsuits but also providing a great experience for our customers. Attention is paid to every little detail to make sure they receive pieces that are finished to perfection. Design, manufacturing, sourcing, fabrics, and customer service are all things that we perfect before bringing our garments to the public. Based in California, AYRA Swim is made in the US with local production in Los Angeles; using the best and softest Italian yarns, custom color fabrics and prints. AYRA blends modern cuts with timeless, fashionable swimwear to create a sophisticated and modern look.

The designer and director, Genesis, graduated with a Bachelor in Marketing and a Masters in Finance. She left her corporate marketing job at Coca-Cola to pursue her lifelong dream of starting her own clothing brand. Today, she works not only on the designs but also on production of the garments and directing the company, making sure that every piece represents her passion for design and quality.

Named for her late mother, the idea of AYRA Swim was born as a way for Genesis to express her passion for creating and design accompanied by her vision to become an entrepreneur. Her passion for travel, fashion, and adventuring through life provide the inspiration behind all of her designs. She set out to create the perfect swimsuits - stylish and flattering, filled with intricate designs but durable enough to stay as a staple piece in your collection.


From our designer –

{I really believe that nothing feels better than clothes that feel and fit you perfectly, we put a lot of effort into everything we do to create those pieces. When our swimsuits get to our costumers they can touch and feel our quality, this is because we are extremely involved in every part of the process in the creation of our swimsuits; from the design, the patternmaking, selection of fabrics, manufacturing, points of sale, costumer service, and every little detail involved in creating the perfect garment - one we know our costumers will love and one we can pride ourselves in producing.}